Strategic Consulting

StubHub, the world's largest destination for sports and entertainment ticket buyers and resellers, engaged OMNIGON to assist with extensive operational, Project Management and Strategy support across their entire organization.

As part of this multi-faceted engagement, we started off by conducting numerous stakeholder interviews to identify organizational painpoints and process inefficiencies and culminated in us setting up numerous processess and workflows still followed today.

Based on the findings from the interviews, our support was structured around the following areas: project intake, change management, resource management, overall project health reporting and organizational communications.

We helped formalize the project intake process which enabled stakeholders to collaboratively evaluate and develop new business ideas and initiatives based on business needs and organizational priorities. We instituted a change management process which was established and enforced organizationally. By setting these up, we helped mitigate inefficiencies assciated with work stoppages and restarts.

As the engagement progressed, we spent considerable time training their existing project management staff in overall best practices including portfolio management, work management, resource utilization and management and initiative and project health reporting. We helped optimize overall business operations from hiring assessments to reporting and performance analytics. Perhaps the biggest output of our engagement was we helped institute the use of knowledge sharing tools across the organization, leading to increased efficiencies and overall cultural and project accountability.