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OMNIGON and NASCAR are engaged in a multi-year deal to consult, innovate, design and develop digital products and platforms. 



We’ve worked with longtime partner NASCAR on various initiatives since our relationship began in 2012. 
As part of our first engagement, NASCAR sought OMNIGON to assist with the migration of its digital properties to NASCAR-owned infrastructure. Initially, we oversaw NASCAR’s internal teams while managing vendors and suppliers to ensure an effective transition. When the new site went live, we supported it full time until the NASCAR team took over. Since the transition, we’ve collaborated on many initiatives.  

OMNIGON has conceptualized, designed, developed and delivered all of NASCAR’s mobile and tablet applications for iOS, Android and Windows, dating back to 2012. Functionality within these apps include live race leaderboards and highlights, exclusive news and videos, ability to listen to the official NASCAR radio for all races, and integration of social feeds. 

While we’ve continuously enhanced the product each year, the product was overhauled in advance of the 2018 Daytona 500. Features of the new rollout include an entirely new visual system (with refreshed driver and team pages, live data visualizations and social content), Amazon Alexa integrations and augmented reality features. 

Unique features include live in-car audio, enabling fans to listen to the conversations between drivers and their crew, and live in-car cameras, so fans can view the action from the driver seat. Live race leaderboards include exclusive data points to follow favorite drivers, see stage winner indicators and access to the live weather radar at the track. The apps also feature in-race highlights. During live races, NASCAR quickly cuts highlights of the action and pushes them to the app in just a few minutes. This gives the user the capability to “catch up” on the action they missed if they come into a race experience late. 

Over the last few years, NASCAR has leveraged our suite of fan engagement products on a handful of initiatives. Most recently, NASCAR customized MVPVote for two specific campaigns – their All-Star Fan Vote and voting for the 2019 Hall of Fame class. These customizations include an all-new card layout and the ability to vote for multiple options. NASCAR used MVPVote for their.  The top 5 vote getters on the Hall of Fame ballot will ultimately be submitted as the fan ballot during the voting panel meeting.

In 2015, we assisted NASCAR with the launch of NASCAR Acceleration Nation, a platform designed to engage and educate younger generations on the sport. The motorsports industry’s first national in-school education program teaches children all elements of the sport, including driver and track information and the mechanics behind making the cars go. Acceleration Nation encourages STEM and has a partnership with Scholastic books to further emphasize its importance. Over 200,000 school-age children participated in the first year of the program. 

In 2014, NASCAR sought to create fan engagement platforms to coincide with the all-new playoff format, the Chase. We created two prediction grids – the Perfect Chase Grid Challenge and the Chase Grid Battle. 
For the Grid Challenge, entrants selected who they thought would advance through each of the four rounds of the competition. In the Grid Battle, entrants predicted the drivers they thought would advance one round at a time. Points were accumulated based on the number of correct picks and the correct ranking of the drivers who advanced.

We worked closely with NASCAR in the development of their NASCAR Green platform. NASCAR Green is a program dedicated to reducing NASCAR’s environmental impact, educating fans and validating various green technologies.  This sustainability program touches all of NASCAR’s stakeholders including employees, race teams, tracks, business partners and, most importantly, fans. The NASCAR Green website won an Interactive Media Award as Best in Class, the highest honor, in the Natural Environment / Green Category.