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AS Roma and OMNIGON have been engaged in a multi-year deal to create immersive experiences that resonate with the club’s growing global fan base.


In August 2018, Roma relaunched their flagship website designed and developed on OMNIGON’s proprietary Corebine platform. OMNIGON and Roma first collaborated on its website launch in December 2015 where, in a first for a professional sports team, Roma used Reddit, the social network news site and independent fan forums, to directly involve supporters in the development of the club’s new, official website.

The newly relaunched website, launched in English, Italian and Indonesian with Arabic due to be rolled out in the coming months, features a refreshed and intuitive visual system, an increased focus on in-match player and team statistics and enhanced video capabilities. Additionally, this new site features incremental commercial opportunities including increased sponsorship capabilities and branded content, a relaunched ticketing system and a more integrated social media hub.

The launch of the site comes at a very exciting time for both Roma and Serie A as the club is coming off an appearance in the Champions League semi-finals and Serie A recently signed a deal with ESPN to broadcast league matches for 3 years. 

Among other other engagements with the club included a a multi-day strategic workshop with key business (digital and content) stakeholders in Summer 2017. The primary objectives of the workshop were to outline the digital vision for the club over the next one to three years and marry that up to the team’s commercial objectives, review extensive social media and website audit data and engage in a series of ideation brainstorms. The output of the sessions included a series of strategic recommendations and a roadmap for future products and technologies, including the redesign and launch of its flagship website. 

Towards the end of 2016, AS Roma and OMNIGON again collaborated, this time on the launch of the club’s first Arabic and Indonesian-language websites. To determine these next two official websites, Roma again turned to their supporters on social media and polled them; 84% of the voters requested Arabic. Roma’s expanding popularity in the Middle East and North Africa is supported by social media metrics; since launching an Arabic-language Facebook page in fall 2015, Egypt as overtaken Italy for top follower count (2.6 million). 

Additionally, OMNIGON launched an adaptive website dedicated to the new stadium grounds, Stadio della Roma, currently under construction. The website, built on the OMNIGON Corbine content platform, features the same card-based content feed and tagging system as the primary AS Roma site in addition to complete photo and video galleries, timeline and overall project FAQ. Stadio della Roma is slated for completion in 2020.  

AS Roma won a 2017 Interactive Media Award with Best in Class Distinction.