IRONMAN and OMNIGON Join Forces to Roll Out New Mobile Platform

January 20, 2017      Sportcal.

Ironman, the long-distance triathlon organiser, has teamed up with OMNIGON, the USA-based digital consulting firm, to launch a new mobile website for the series.

The new Ironman platform went live on Thursday and the emphasis has been placed on images, to offer athletes and fans a better experience on phones and tablets, with photo galleries viewable on mobile devices for the first time.

Ironman is owned by the China-based multinational conglomerate Wanda Group while OMNIGON is majority owned by Wanda subsidiary Infront Sports & Media.

The two companies are also collaborating on the 2017 Ironman Partner Summit, which takes place in Tampa, Florida in USA at the end of the month.

Christopher Stadler, chief marketing officer for Ironman, said: “With the increased movement to mobile browsing combined with our expansion into other regions and markets, it is imperative that we find ways to connect with our athletes and provide a platform for them to easily and quickly find information about our brand and events,”

“One of our core marketing strategies is to improve our digital presence and OMNIGON was the perfect partner to help us with this. They are recognised globally for their work and we are excited to provide athletes and their families and friends with improved digital platforms.”

OMNIGON chief creative officer Bora Nikolic said: “We are excited to unveil the reimagined Ironman mobile experience, focused on providing the right balance of utility and content to both avid and casual users.

“The redesigned mobile-first site has been specifically optimized for mobile devices, capitalising on interaction and display affordances of smartphones and tablets.”