JUNE 25, 2015

People love to “vote” except it seems, when they’re supposed to, in November. If you put a bar room of guys together, they can spend all night arguing about a best or worst list of anything, from the best sports team logo (Chicago Blackhawks, obviously) to the 10 coolest muscle cars ever (1966, GTO, case closed).

JUNE 22, 2015

Digital consulting firm Omnigon has created a new interactive bracket-building software platform called BracketPro that will be part of upcoming projects from the Sporting News and CONCACAF, among others. Sporting News today will introduce its "Greatest NBA Draft Ever" bracket in advance of Thursday's NBA Draft. CONCACAF is running a fan bracket on the best goal in Gold Cup history, leading up to the July 7 start of this year's Gold Cup tournament.

JUNE 22, 2015

Omnigon said Sporting News, CONCACAF and Fox Broadcasting are three of the first to deploy BracketPro, a bracket-building software platform developed by the New York-based digital consulting firm.

BracketPro, Omnigon said, is a white label product for organizations to create brackets that can be sold to sponsors on a one-time, monthly or annual basis. The customizable system enables partners to integrate video, GIF or static images, supports standard and page view-based takeover ads, and can be integrated with social media platforms.

JUNE 22, 2015

There is nothing more engaging than brackets. The NCAA tournament has to credit the bracket for such high engagement, and brackets also work for pop culture and other internet discussions. Fans love to vote and argue over what was the best moment of a specific event, week, or year. That is where something such as BracketPro can come in and provide further engagement for fans as well as opportunities for sponsors to market brands and sponsors in a non-intrusive manner.